Volunteer for Breast Cancer Awareness
As a Making Strides Against Breast Cancer volunteer, you get to participate in an exciting community event to raise awareness and funds to end breast cancer. You can choose to volunteer for the day of the event, or you may be able to use your skills to help plan the event.

Participating in a cleanup event is a great way to get involved and make a difference in keeping our local rivers, creeks, lakes and beaches pollution free!

Every year, volunteers pick up several tons of trash at numerous events sponsored by environmental and community-based organizations. This is trash that would otherwise flow into our local rivers, creeks and lakes!

Volunteers play an important role in tree planting and tree care projects in communities across the United States.

You can get involved, too! Whether you are organizing a tree planting project or looking to volunteer at a tree planting or pruning event, you can take pride in helping to transform our urban landscapes.

The success of NCWA’s mission and programs rely on the support of the residents of Harris County. One tangible way to show your support is to volunteer for one of the many events the authority plans or attends. Typical volunteer opportunities include:

  • Education/Awareness Events
  • Clean-up Events
  • Helping run public event recycling